Varzuga is a unique place on the Kola Peninsula not only for connoisseurs of Atlantic salmon fishing. In July and August, it is interesting to visit the unique nature and monuments of wooden architecture. The village is located on both sides of the Varzuga River.

The pride of the village and pearl of the entire Kola North is the beautiful Uspenskaya Church. People who live in Varzuga are also the wealth of these places. After all, it is thanks to them that the local traditions are preserved.

There is a village folk choir. Ethnographic expeditions have visited this place since the XIX century.
Visitors will definitely pay attention to the local cuisine — berry pies, kulebaki with Atlantic salmon and, of course, the abundance of blueberries, cloudberries and cranberries.

The harmonious combination of picturesque natural landscapes and monuments of wooden architecture will impress you, indeed!
The Uspenckaya Church
built in 1674. It was built without a single nail!
The Athanasius Church
built in 1854, founded by the Solovetsky monks.
Peter and Paul Church
built in 1864. There is a cross next to the church. On the side of the church, an icon of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul is fixed on it, and on the side of the river — St. Nicholas.
«A Museum of Pomor life» и «The Pomor House»
The tour is conducted by one of the old residents of Varzuga – Pyotr Zaborshchikov.
Vladimir's Holy Spring
This bubbling spring is known for healing miracles from ancient times to this day.
The ancient Pomor village – Kuzomen’
which is located at the mouth of the Varzuga river. Perhaps you will be lucky and you will see belugas — dolphins of the White Sea. A special attraction of Kuzomen is wild horses.
Old Pomor villages on the road from Umba to Varzuga
Kashkarantsy, Olennitsa, Kuzreka.
The Holy spring and the Chapel of the nameless Terskii monk
20 km away from Varzuga village.